VP Facility & Commercial Operations

Andres Walsen



Andres Walsen, originally from Santiago, Chile, oversees all facility operations, preventative maintenance, vendor contracts and overall management for Red Draw’s commercial properties, totaling nearly 1 million square feet of property across central Kentucky.

Prior to Red Draw, and with the same entrepreneurial spirit that the company emits, Andres was the sole proprietor and manager of all sales and operations for a boutique wine distribution company, Mountain Wine Cellars, based in the South Florida market. After coming to Kentucky, his experience of management and operations provided him the opportunity to oversee Red Draw’s commercial facilities. With his savvy management approach, the facilities are running so efficiently that they are some of the Commonwealth’s most economically sustainable in the state.

Andres oversees all personnel and resources related to Red Draw’s commercial property management and operations, as well as contractual oversight.